Why Pregnant Women Foot Grows?

Why pregnant women foot grows
Why Pregnant Women Foot Grows? During pregnancy, there is not the stomach that borough, the woman attends other changes in her body. Her foot grows about 1 cm.

Specialist in orthopedics, Dr. Neil Segal received in consultation mothers who said they had changed size during their first pregnancy. This professor at the University of Iowa decides to unravel the mystery. And take measures fifty women during the 1 st trimester and five months after the baby is born. 60 to 70% of them had feet longer and wider after pregnancy. 

"During pregnancy, the ligaments soften feet under the combined effect of two hormones, estrogen and relaxin, which maximum output is 12 weeks, said Dr. Neil Segal Le Figaro. This foot has become more malleable sees apply new forces due to the displacement of the center of gravity of the pregnant woman forward as her belly grows. “Result, the foot "flattens" and wins 2 to 10 mm in length.

Published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, this work is in addition to reports of musculoskeletal disorders (TMS) during pregnancy. If these Tms usually disappear after birth, however the foot, she does not return to its original size. But women worry: this happens only with the arrival of their first child. Imagine the feet of a mother of a large family so it was not the case!