Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted swimming with Topless Woman

Leonardo Dicaprio with topless woman
Leonardo DiCaprio seems to enjoy his time in Miami. Not long ago, he was caught on camera hugging intimately with Margot Robbie, his co-star in "The Wolf of Wall Street" in a balcony Hotel South Beach, Miami. In addition to spending time with Margot, Leo apparently also do not forget to have fun with Jonah Hill.

In the photos that circulated on internet, actor "Django Unchained" is looking to swim in the ocean with Jonah. They do not swim alone, but accompanied by a mysterious woman. An unnamed woman was swimming topless between Leo and Jonah.

In another photo, Leo and Jonah also had fiving and laughing together. This is not the first time Leo and Jonah spent time with ​​topless girl.

Last December they also spotted partying together at a luxury boat in Australia. At that time, Leo and Jonah are also accompanied by beautiful women who mostly chose for the bare-chested.