Lindsay Lohan not Imprisoned, but stay in Rehabilitation

Lindsay Lohan not Imprisoned, but stay in Rehabilitation
Lindsay Lohan may breathe a little easier. 26-year-old Hollywood actress is spared from jail. However, Lohan is required to stay in rehab and community service for three months, following a car accident in June last year.

As quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (19/03/2013), Los Angeles Superior Court judge, the United States James Dabney sentenced Lindsay Lohan to undergo psychotherapy for 18 months and probation for two years.

Mean Girls star's 26-year-old spared from jail after admitting lying to police that she was not behind the wheel when her Porsche sports car crashed into a truck on June 8, 2012 in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Lindsay Lohan who are still undergoing probation because of shoplifting jewelry in 2011, facing the threat of jail if she is found guilty in the latest indictment. Unless Lohan admitted probation violation in 2011.

Under this agreement, Lohan given 180 days suspension imprisoned unless she violates probation. The deal was announced after prosecutors and defense lawyers met judge Dabney two hours before the trial opened.

Dabney also suggested Lindsay Lohan was not driving the vehicle and away from the problem. If Lohan violates probation, added Dabney, law enforcement can not compromise anymore.