More Exercise Leads to Better Sleep

More Exercise Leads to Better Sleep
More Exercise Leads to Better Sleep: People who suffer from insomnia may be flocking started doing treadmill, walking, even playing golf or tennis, because the results of a study published on Monday said that the exercise can make people sleep more soundly.

Enough with the exercise for 10 minutes a day will make a difference in sleep duration, according to research from the National Sleep Foundation non-profit organization.

"We proved that sports activities directly related to sleep," said Max Hirshkowitz, sleep researchers about the handling of the poll this study told reporters.

"We also found that the level of exercise affect the quality of sleep, so if you exercise a lot then you will sleep more soundly while those who did not exercise will face a difficult problem to sleep."

Prior research shows the effect of exercise on someone’s sleep, but Hirshkowitz, a professor at Baylor College, presents the results of a more detailed about it through research nationally in the United States.

The people who call themselves as sportsmen enjoy a more restful sleep than those who otherwise do not exercise, even when the same amount of sleep is seven hours a night.

More than 75 percent of the one thousand people have been asked to give an answer through a poll via the internet and telephone, and describe their athletes sleep better than those who did not exercise.

They are very active little reported having sleep problems, and many quickly fall asleep when closing his eyes at night, as it is used properly during the day.

Sitting continuously for eight hours is not good enough result for sleep problems.

Nearly half of Americans reported experiencing insomnia occasionally, and 22 percent experienced due to stress, illness, being in health care.