Lil Wayne hospitalized: concerns about his condition

Lil Wayne hospitalized
American rapper LilWayne said Friday on his Twitter account that he was "good." The website, specializing in Celebrity News, announced that he had been hospitalized in a "critical" after several attacks. Later, TMZ spoke stabilize his condition, explaining his discomfort with the abuse of drink not very recommendable.

"Hi, everyone, I'm well, thank you for your prayers and love," said the star of his side after said he was in coma and that his family was being rushing to his bedside.

TMZ said two successive emergency hospitalizations and an "abuse of Sizzurp" According to, the 30 year old star was taken to Cedars Sinau Los Angeles Tuesday, March 12, after suffering several attacks.
Released Wednesday, Lil Wayne was extended emergency hospital a few hours later, TMZ, reports a "critical condition" and reports hospital sources.

In October, Lil Wayne (real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) had been hospitalized due to discomfort aboard a private plane. since that night, the site of personalities (who was first to announce the death of Michael Jackson) publishes photos of relatives worried going at Cedars Sinai, as the basketball player Chris Paul.

TMZ understands that the rapper would have absorbed too much sizzurp (drink of southern United States, a mixture of cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine, Sprite and jolly ranchers candy-American-according to Wikipedia ...).

He suffered a triple gastric lavage. His condition is stable. Stronger Elvis Presley Billboard In September, Lil Wayne, who had won four Grammy Awards in 2008, surpassed the legendary rocker Elvis Presley number of appearances in the Top 100 of the weekly Billboard the best-selling titles.

Due to his participation in the new title of rapper Game, "Celebration", Lil Wayne, combining his own songs and those on which it appears to the side of the master artist-was then in his 109th appearance in the "Hot 100" Billboard, according to the magazine.