Justin Bieber’s Concert Cancelled in Portugal

Justin Bieber’s concert cancelled in Portugal
It was stated Bieber via his official website on Monday, reported Reuters.

A source close to the singer said the cancellation was not linked to Bieber who collapsed during a concert in London last week. Bieber who was then unconscious forced to rest for 20 minutes and then rushed to the hospital.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel two concerts in Portugal on March 12," said a statement on the concert venue, Atlantico Pavilhao.

"This Canadian singer, Justin Bieber insisted on entertaining fans in Portugal on March 11," said the site.
Ticket-holders for the cancelled show were entitled to request a refund with a time limit of one-month.

The source gave no reason for the concert cancellation, but local media in Portugal reported that ticket sales for the show on March 12, lower than expected by the organizers.

Justin Bieber also described his visit in London as a "tough week".