James Watson - Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged

James Watson - jamie lynn spears engaged
Photo of James Watson and Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram
James Watson - Jamie Lynn Spears engaged: Britney Spears sister, Jamie Lynn Spears announced her engagement to the man who became her lover for three years, Jamie Watson, through social media Twitter.

Jamie Lynn Spears, 21 was uploading a photo on Instagram about herself and James Watson, 30, hugged each other and show the ring on her finger to announce her engagement.

"Guesssss what??????" Wrote Jamie Lynn on Instagram as a description of the photo.

The mother of Maddie, 4, is then uploaded another close-up engagement ring with hastag "he did good".

This will be the first wedding for Jamie Lynn who was previously engaged to Casey Aldrige, who is also the father of Maddie. Both decided to split in 2010 before Jamie Lynn dating with Watson.

Congratulations for James Watson and Jamie Lynn Spears Engagement.